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About The Program

The Plaza Playhouse Theater is pleased to announce the return of regular movie screenings to Carpinteria! On April 28, the theater launched its movie schedule with a special treat – a free screening of “Casablanca” in celebration of our theater’s 84th anniversary!

We would love to feature your business at our theater as a Red Carpet Movie Sponsor, an On-Screen Advertiser, or a Popcorn Sponsor. Twenty movies are already scheduled for screening this year and multi-movie sponsorship packages are available.

We were thrilled to unveil a nonprofit community theater just over a year ago, and we aspire to create a venue that offers rich cultural experiences ranging from theater and musical performances, movie screenings, comedy, and more. However, we need your help to continue to build a successful theater.

Please support the return of movies to Carpinteria by sponsoring a movie screening. We would love to feature your business at our 200-seat theater!

We greatly appreciate your support of this community project! To download a sponsorship order form in PDF format, please click here.

To make a tax-deductible donation to the Plaza Playhouse Theater, contact Melinda Bie at (805) 680-6459 |